Monday, January 5, 2009

PIC that i capture in Dubai~

hahahaha.... is time to put some pic of dubai

hehe.....nice building?.....i forgot the name of this =.=

so sry~! many 倒影....c those 艇?so many =.=

big traffic jam at deira...the taxi driver oso dun wan go =.=


the drama skill+handphone camera is suck -.-"

hyatt hotel big enough?~ the grass green? do u think it is a desert before?

5 year~! 2.5 year 打地基+2.5 year build the whole~ amazing, sumore not one building only, IS 240座
the onli one 7 star hotel in the world....sibeh mahal....entry oso nid money -.-

the tallest in the world~!
haha.....this all for this time..still nid go 排排another 1st

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