Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The 1st post of Feb

2day is the 1st day the skul reopen~~~!
juz feel tired at all
summore not accustomed
bcoz the whole holiday didnt wake up at 6am b4

onli sum day 9am in the morning only start to sleep ;p
So bored~!
go skul keep 抄功课 haha....
everytime after holiday is like this...
and i not going to change this habit when i still in CHONG HWA

the skul reopen~
those teacher the 1st thing that saying is the 统一Exam ~~~!
So fast....25/2
is going to reach.....
3 week more started form 2day~!
.....still enjoying in CNY mood~~ dont how to pass my day in skul~

beside that~ 2day is my 1st day of society~
meet the 2 coach~!
juz can describe~pro....
haha....dunno when can become like them~~~! but before bcum like them we already 伤兵满满 -.-lll
haha...write till here~!
is time to study eko~....! if not tomorrow will feel terrible again~!

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