Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time passed week already is my study week
so fast.....
next next week is my FINAL already.....
but still no mood on study~~~~
just saw the last post of mine
is saying about the MPW test.....
the God isnt Bless me~~~~~
well the result is damn sad.....
this is the lowest mark that i get in my University......
guess wat i get~~~~
it is over 20 mark~~~~
but..... i am very kind to the lecturer....

i just get 1 mark in the exam ==
omg....... 1/20
the result is calculate in the grade to pass
sob sob....dont know need to be happy or sad

well i am going to start my study
although i am not fear about the FINAL
but i fear about DEAD i need to be hardworking for my FINAL
if i dont want to DIE

wow......after FINAL then is HOLIDAY~~~~~
any place to work???
any plan???
any gathering??
well if got, just find me~~~lalalaa
u know my phone number also...~~~~



=ah.kEnt= said...

last time you also said like that,
but you sicked in the end... zzz

Jia Cheng said...

really ke?

shaikh md ayazur rahman said...

this is the problem of mostly student and i also come in that category..haha

Choo Say said...

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