Saturday, February 26, 2011

After Event

wah...i had been damn long time no update myself for now....

What i need to write actually??? Dunno

Well...just simply write write and just submit it~~

Finally, the event that i handle it is past.....
now is the time to write about the activity review
the workshop really make me out of time to do my assignment
and i am first time that feel so damn pressure on it~
because, OC do everything....
by the way, i must admit that, i dont know how to spread work to others
If u know me, u must know that
i am the person who don't know how to force other to work with me.
therefore, i am damn exhausted...

luckily, 傻人有傻气, done thing in quick & easy...
and now, time to study and do assignment again~
hehe.... can i end here???? xD